Hi, My name is Tilli-Ani and I am the Tooth Fairy.
I know many of you have questions about who I am and how I do the things I do, so I am here to answer them for you.

I realized that the secret could no longer be kept. I had to tell children the truth about who I am and where I come from.  And, more importantly, why I give money to the children for their teeth.

So one warm summer night, while I was collecting baby teeth, I perched myself on the windowsill of 
an old farmhouse and told my story to a little boy.

The little boy's eyes were wide as saucers and his ears as big as elephants as he snuggled into his bed listening.

I told the child all about my home on the Planet Sironius.  I told him all about King Helio, Mr. Meteorite, Curly Tornado and my  two very best friends, Grandpa Moon and Fuser, the Fleegle Fly.

I continued on and told him about the silly Beagle Bug, the strange old Fuzzelwhump, the Molar Monster and a special secret about Santa and the North Pole. 
Then I bent over and whispered softly in his ear the secret of why I take the baby teeth at night.  The child was filled with awe.  I continued to share my stories all through the night.  Then I asked him to do me a favor - I asked him to share these secrets, the magic and the stories with the world.  The boy has grown up now and is telling my stories in a way I had never imagined!  I want to help you believe in yourself, and encourage you to live out your dreams.  You can do it too!  All by yourself! 

I love children all over the world. It is very important to me that you are all healthy and happy.  Together we can make this happen. I would love to talk with teachers, church groups and any group wishing to raise money for children less fortunate, with the Toothfairy products.  You can read more about that at Toothfairy Headquarters.

Thank you for spending time with me today.  I remember when you lost your first tooth!   You were so worried I would not come.  But I did, because I love you.

Reach for the stars!

Your friend forever,
Tilli-Ani, The Tooth Fairy

"Engaging and the stuff of Walt Disney's popularity." - Phyllis Fuchs, Children's Librarian, Curtis Memorial Library 

"The Legend of the Toothfairy" is filled with messages of self esteem and self worth. As a professional 
and parent, I highly recommend this work for children" - Michelle Belyes, RN MSN CPNP 

"I highly recommend this work." - Conrad Wurtz PhD, Psychologist

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